As Ecolive family has been active since 1998 at one of the most beautiful and untouched areas of Cyprus called Akdeniz (Agia Eirini).

We have been traditionally produced extra virgin olive oil from our own and very best olive trees from the village, in addition to this, virgin olive oil, ready for table black olives and çakıstes (cracked green olive) are within our product range.

Acting as a “boutique facility” and only serving its own products to the market, Ecolive makes its production in the facility located amongst olive gardens in Agia Eirini Village. Our most distinctive feature is offering the same quality every year.

Each year, we make new investments to increase our limited and high standard production. We set our target to be a completely integrated facility and we successfully proceed to it.

In addition, our ever-stylish products take their place on many distinguished shelves of Cyprus. Besides offering a quality product to consumers, we never neglect to offer it in quality packaging.